Geoffrey Darwent, lives and paints both in and out of his studio home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Working primarily in acrylic, he also paints in oils.  Surrounded by the spectacular and varied views of nature that Montreal and its surrounding area have to offer, he strives to capture their beauty and magnificence in his own unique style.  The ever changing landscape light and seasons challenge his ability and imagination.  The variety of perspectives that the natural landscapes present increasingly intrigues him.  Painting these views in his own interpretative style provides a unique and fascinating representation of nature.  Whether painting in a representative or abstract style, he is focused on the spirit of nature and the need to desperately assure her protection.  His paintings aim to not only raise awareness but to maintain that awareness in a proactive manner.  Everyone of his paintings that finds a new home does just that.  


A painter’s style can be as conceptually complex as the subject they are painting. This is often the case when artists work “wet-on-wet”––a technique used by Geoffrey Darwent where wet paint is applied into a previous layer of paint, which is not yet dry. When you work in this style, it is difficult to layer paint to create the illusion of a realistic picture, so the tactility and fluidity of paint becomes a central idea. Or sometimes, as in Colour Field painting, an artwork will use large planes of colour to create an emotional or atmospheric effect. Sometimes, instead of expressing narrative through images, it’s the way that a painting is made that tells a story.


Born in Venezuela and raised in Perú by Trinidadian parents of both English and French descent, he arrived in Canada at the age of 12.  He was inspired by his mother who in her younger years performed, sang and painted.  As a boy, the spectacular landscapes and pacific ocean impacted him.  The connection with nature matured him spiritually.  Arriving to Canada and experiencing the seasons further accentuated this.  He is self-taught.  In the busy child rearing years he painted mainly in oils and eventually painted mainly in acrylic.

He created a Montreal Artist Painters group which now consists of over 300 members with a mission to organize exhibitions and provide a platform for its members. 

Artistic from an early age, Canadian artist Geoffrey Darwent chose painting as a means of expression.  Self-taught, his prolific technique is quite unique. His paintings often represent nature as well as life's mysteries, beauty and peace. Each one has its own story. Enjoy the journey.


His work was last exhibited at Galerie Sinfonia di Colori, in Sainte-Anne -de- Bellevue, Quebec. and will be exhibiting at Galerie d'art E.K.Voland, Montreal, March 27th to April 2nd, 2019.  


L'artiste Geoffrey Darwent


Artistique depuis très jeune, le Canadien Geoffrey Darwent choisit la peinture comme son outil d'expression. Autodidacte, sa technique est à la fois unique et prolifique.  On retrouve souvent les thèmes de la paix, la beauté, les mystères de la vie ainsi que la nature, à travers ses oeuvres.  Chaque oeuvre a son histoire.  Au plaisir!


Ses oeuvres ont été exposées dernièrement à la Galerie Sinfonia di Colori, à Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec et sera exposé à la Galerie d'art E.K.Voland, Montréal, le 28 mars 2019